Flu Vaccination Vouchers

Dr Kelly & Associates offer flu vaccination vouchers which can be redeemed at over 3,500 retailers nationwide.

Working with our parent company, Doctorcall, we are able to offer the largest flu vaccination voucher scheme in the land.

Doctorcall have helped many major UK retailers to provide flu vaccinations. Some companies may prefer to have flu vaccinations administered on their premises, but others may simply choose to offer their staff a flu voucher that allows them to get the jab in their own time.

Flu vaccination vouchers are also ideal for companies whose employees are spread over a wide area, work shifts, or work remotely.

You can buy flu vaccinations vouchers from our parent website online using our secure shop for £7.95 each. Go to the shop >

Benefits of our flu vaccination vouchers

  • No payment required - just present your voucher to receive your flu jab
  • Employers can purchase flu vouchers for staff
  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Staff are not require to attend on-site vaccination days
  • Redeemable at a range of high street stores
  • Dispatched by first-class post or next-day special delivery
  • Vaccinations are administered by a fully-qualified nurse / pharmacist

Where can I redeem my flu voucher?

You can redeem your flu vaccination voucher at over 2,500 locations nationwide, including:

  • Tesco pharmacies
  • ASDA pharmacies
  • Superdrug
  • Well (formerly Co-op Pharmacy)
  • Lloyds pharmacies (including those located in Sainsbury's supermarkets)
  • Morrisons pharmacies
  • Rowlands pharmacies
  • Cohens pharmacies
  • Manichem pharmacies
  • McParland pharmacies
  • Norchem pharmacies
  • Knights pharmacies
  • Kamsons pharmacies
  • Imperial pharmacy
  • Dears pharmacies

Other Vaccinations and Immunisations

We may be able to provide other vaccinations and immunisations for your employees - contact us today for details on costs and availability.

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