I’ve got private medical insurance. Will I be able to claim back my GP consultation?

GP consultations are not usually claimable under UK insurance policies. If, however, your doctor refers you on to a private consultant or specialist, this is usually claimable. Each patient should check their own insurance policies prior to making an appointment

How quickly will I be able to see a doctor?

We aim to offer you an appointment within 24hours of your preferred date. We do try and accommodate urgent requests for an appointment on the same day

Can you provide repeat prescriptions?

All of the prescriptions we issue are private rather than NHS prescriptions. We do offer a repeat prescription service but only if you have seen one of our doctors before and were prescribed medication. All repeat prescriptions are issued at the discretion of our doctors

Do I still need to register with my NHS GP?

It is advisable to stay registered with your NHS GP in case of an emergency. You might also need to be referred on to a specialist at some point and this can only be done on the NHS through your NHS GP

What happens if I need to see a specialist?

We have an extensive network of preferred consultants to whom our GP’s refer. Appointments can be arranged very rapidly. You should remember to check your insurance policy to ensure referral costs are met by the policy

Why do I need a health screen?

Health screens are one of those things that many people easily ignore. People often say “I haven’t got the time” or “I run three miles a day, I don’t need a health screen” or “I feel fine”.

In the vast majority of cases if you feel fine then you are fine but whilst eating healthily and taking regular exercise can reduce your risk of disease, it cannot guarantee that you don’t have any underlying health problems. A health assessment is an excellent way to have a clear picture of your current health and wellbeing and help you to identify any areas that might be a potential cause for concern in the future.

At what age should I start to have a health screen?

We carry out health screens for people of all ages – from those in their early twenties to those past retirement age. It is important at all stages in life to have an accurate picture of your current health

Will having a health assessment affect my private medical insurance?

No. You may be able to have any referral costs met by your medical insurer. We do not inform any insurance company of the results of patients’ health screens

Will details of my screen be passed on to any third party?

All personal details and medical records are treated as entirely confidential. Information is never relayed to third parties without a patient’s prior consent

How often should I have a health assessment?

Our general recommendation is for annual visits for those aged over 50 and once every two years for those aged under 50

Which additional tests should I have?

Your doctor may suggest you include some additional tests as part of your health screen. We generally recommend the following:

  • Faecal Occult Blood Test (to screen for bowel cancer) for those 40+

  • Mammogram – women 40+

  • Prostate Specific Antigen (to screen for prostate cancer) – men 45+

What happens if a problem is discovered during the health assessment?

If a problem is discovered during a medical we can arrange for you to be referred to a private specialist, if appropriate. We can also inform your GP of the results, if you want us to

How soon do I get my results?

Following your health screen you will be sent a written report detailing and explaining the results of your assessment. Some of the results will have been discussed with you on the day by the doctor. We aim to have all reports sent to you within 10 working days of your appointment

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